Your Guide To Our Biers

Your Guide To Our Biers

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

It’s really easy to slip into a routine with something you love. Especially when it comes to where we eat and drink. Ordering “the usual” at a restaurant is comforting because it guarantees you’ll like what you get. “The usual” can also hold you back from experiencing something new and exciting.

Branching out doesn’t apply to Pretzels and Bier cheese, and this blogger stands by that. One should always order Pretzels and Bier cheese. They’re just that good.

This month we are giving you a guide to our vast Bier menu. If you are new to ordering Bier or thought we only had Dunkel, this is the place for you! So, keep reading to learn the vocabulary behind your favorite Bier and maybe even spark an interest in something new.

Wortschatz Bier (Bier Vocabulary)

Hofbrauhaus BierWhen reading about Bier on menus or online, you’ll notice a lot of terms associated with taste and appearance. In the interest of sounding super bright when ordering Bier and expanding knowledge, we will expand on some standard terms.

Finish: The sensation left in your mouth after you swallow your drink. The finish applies to any beverage (coffee, wine, etc.) and differs from the aftertaste you experience.

Body: The fullness of a flavor and the actual feel of it when it’s in your mouth.

Lager (Think logger): Bier is light in color and effervescent in the body. When you look at the Bier, it is fizzy and bright.

Ale: Bier brewed using the warm fermentation method. It gives the Bier sweet, fruity, and full-bodied flavors.

ABV: An acronym that stands for Alcohol by Volume. ABV measures the concentration of alcohol in an alcoholic beverage.

These terms are seen all over the alcohol industry and are vital when you want to know what you’re drinking. Understanding Alcohol by Volume especially is good to pay attention to for a night of responsible fun.

What’s Currently On Tap

One of the best features of our beautiful bar is our taps. Their handles are fantastic, and they deliver our Biers quickly and conveniently to you.

Our draft bier list changes throughout the month so be sure to check our website for updates.  But, here’s what you can find on tap at Our Haus:

Oktoberfest (6.3% ABV): The finish and flavor are marked by the spicy hint of hops. This Bier is a Lager.

Schwarzbier (5.5% ABV): One of this blogger’s favorites, this Bier has a chocolatey flavor and is black. This Bier is classified as a dark Lager.

Lager (5.2% ABV): This is our original German Lager and is full in flavor

Hefe Weizen (5.4% ABV): A wheat Bier made unique by its sweeter flavor.

Dunkel (5.5% ABV): The Dunkel is super popular, and a dark Lager. Its medium body makes it easy to drink and pair with food. In addition, the caramel undertones give it a year-round spot on our rotation.

These Biers are a great choice to enjoy on their own or with anything on our menu. Be sure to let us know on social media about your favorite Bier on tap!

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh flavored biers hero

We Love to Get Crafty

Don’t get us wrong, Dunkels are our jam. However, sometimes you need something with a bit of excitement added. Therefore, we are pleased to offer patrons a great selection of flavored Biers.

This menu does rotate seasonally, so be sure to ask your server what the flavored Bier of the season is to take advantage of fresh flavors.

These delicious Biers are:

  • Blackberry Dunkel 5.5% ABV
  • Espresso Dunkel 5.5% ABV
  • Cranberry Weizen 5.4% ABV
  • Raspberrry Weizen 5.4% ABV
  • Pineapple Weizen 5.4% ABV
  • Blood Orange Weizen 5.4% ABV
  • Blueberry Lager 5.2% ABV
  • Watermelon Lager 5.2% ABV

Pro tip: Use the vocabulary you’ve learned to know what to expect when you order each Bier! Look at you, knowing the notes and finishes you may expect. You may find your favorite Bier or become a Bier expert.

1589 Growler ClubMembership Has its Perks

If you are a true Bier fan and want to take home our Bier, we suggest you join the 1583 Growler Club. The annual membership isn’t mandatory to enjoy our delicious brews, but it does give you the ability to have your Bier to go. We see that as one of the ultimate perks.

An annual membership year runs from September to the next August each year, but people can join at any time. If you join after the year begins, you may join for a pro-rated fee. With your membership, you not only get to be in a cool club, but you receive a gift!

Each member of the 1589 Growler Club is given a 64-ounce growler or “Drink Tank.” Drink Tanks are stylish and help you keep the party going. Our Drink Tanks will keep Bier cold for 24 hours without refrigeration! You can pack it to go home or to your next party, making you a hero.

Every month of your membership, we offer a free fill of your Growler! In addition, members can enjoy additional fills each month for $3.00 off the additional fill. The only ask in this club is that Drink Tanks are only used for to-go orders and not on-premises in the Bier Hall or Biergarten.

Fully Stocked

We hope that after reading this, you feel more confident and excited about ordering your next drink. However, if you’re not the biggest Bier drinker, fear not; we have you more than covered. Our Bier Hall and Biergarten are fully stocked with liquor and non-alcoholic beverages to accommodate and pair with your favorite German dish.

Be sure that if you plan on enjoying your time with us in the Biergarten, you do so soon! Although fall is beautiful, it does signal the ending of our time in the Biergarten, as it is weather dependent. So, what better way to enjoy this new season and practice your newly acquired knowledge than stopping by before or after the next Steelers game?

We hope that you’ve enjoyed our crash course in Bier and lingo. We’d love to hear your favorite Bier, drink, or meal. Be sure to tag us on social media so we can see what it is and how great your time with us was. Prost (cheers) to good people, good Bier, and great food.