Neujahrsvorsätze (New Year Resolutions)

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh Neujahrsvorsätze New Years Resolutions

Written by Rachel Gyarmati

Each year billions of people worldwide resolve to make goals for themselves when the new year comes around. Many will look with hope and determination as the calendar turns and write up resolutions and hopes for themselves.

The German term for new year’s resolutions is Neujahrsvorsätze. Unfortunately, like us here in America, resolutions are thrown by the wayside by mid-January and forgotten by the time Spring comes around. That fact makes us feel a lot better, as it can be daunting to carry out a plan that can take a year to see results for, even when those plans are done with the best of intent.

When writing resolutions, one must remember the intention, the time it takes, and the outcome that achieving them will bring.

If you haven’t written out your goals for the next year, fear not, reader! We are happy to lend you ours and to help you stick to them. We will explain how to carry each out to give you maximum fun, good memories, and reasons to raise a stein to 2023.

Try New Things

Adding new experiences and traditions is a great way to grow mentally and emotionally and gain new skills. So how could that ever be a bad thing?

We recommend trying something that will bring joy, fill your gut, and is memorable.

Monthly Keg Tappings

January Keg TappingOn the first Wednesday of every month, there is a guaranteed party in the Bier Hall to debut our Seasonal Brew for that month. The party starts at 7:00 p.m. and is fun for all who attend. Besides the Bier, the best part is the parade around the hall!

Flags, music, and pride in our product are on full display as we debut the Bier to complement our food and the month.

For January, the Seasonal Brew is Schwarzbier or “black lager” (5.5% Alcohol by Volume). This lager is perfect for winter because of the caramel and chocolate notes. Those notes make it an ideal pairing for the Wurstplatte.

The Wurstplatte is a stick-to-your-ribs plate of Bierwurst, Mettwurst, and Bratwurst with sides of mashed potatoes and sauerkraut. If you are a fan of traditions and superstitions, you know that eating sauerkraut is a way to bring someone luck in the new year.

Be More Social

We can’t tell you that coming to Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh for a drink will be life-changing, but we can tell you that studies show being social is good for your brain!

It is believed that getting together with those you care about is a great way to up your serotonin levels and increase brain activity. We are all about your health, so this resolution is excellent!

Weekend Brunch

Every Saturday and Sunday, we gather for the epic meal that is brunch. Our menu is vast and includes delicacies like a brie and bacon croissant. We also offer breakfast enthusiasts such classics as chicken and waffles and the breakfast burger.

Of course, no brunch is complete without a great beverage—specifically, our Habanero Bloody Mary.

Enjoy Live Music

Did you know that Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh is the #1 College Night in Pittsburgh?

Our award-winning college night takes place Thursdays from 8:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m. During that time, enjoy a $7.00 Bier pretzel appetizer and $7.00 liters of our flagship Lager, Dunkel and Hefe Weizen. If those prices aren’t enough, you should hear our live music!

We are so happy each College Night to have Paul Milovac. He sings, and plays acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and button box accordion. He’s the very definition of a one-man band!

Hofbrauhaus Pittsburgh Family NightMore Time With Family

At Hofbräuhaus Pittsburgh, we believe that any time spent with family is quality time. That’s why each second Tuesday of the month, we hold a Family Night! Kiddos can come and enjoy a free kids’ meal (1 per child) with the purchase of an adult entree.

Our Family Night features Coco The Clown along with free face painting and balloon animals for kids as well!  We asked, and yes, you do have to be a kid to enjoy face painting.

This night is always a great time to kick back and enjoy time as a family.

New Year, Same Us

Although daunting, resolutions are a practice that forces us to take stock of who we are, where we are going, and what’s important. They’re also a great way to work on what is important to us.

This motivates us to keep welcoming the community we love with open arms. In a time marked by the internet, being distant, and constant work, we offer a place to unwind and slow down.

We will strive through 2023 to

  • Try new things
  • Be more social
  • Enjoy live music

To that this, we will add

  • Laugh over a plate of Schnitzel with friends
  • Help people to celebrate significant life events
  • Do the Chicken Dance as many times as possible.

We hope to accomplish all this and more in the coming year. So be sure to let us know how your year is going on social media. You can find us on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram.